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Meet Corbin. There are so many wonderful things I can say about our incredible Corbin! Corbin was an avid gamer- his excited yells and laughter as he played his video games filled our home and our hearts; he also enjoyed golfing, shooting, snowboarding, school, and loving on his pets- his cats Snowy and Twilight, and his beloved wish-come-true Shiba Inu, Hiroko aka Toast. More than anything, Corbin loved hanging out with all the wonderful friends he made over the past ten plus years at Bedford Heights Elementary, Bedford Junior High, and even prior to his school years on his sweet little YMCA soccer team where some of his most steadfast and lasting friendships began to form, including his fiercely loyal C-Squad. Corbin never asked for much- he had all he really wanted in his friends, brothers, and family, which he always kept laughing and jaw-dropping with his quick witted, well-beyond-his-years sense of humor.



Corbin was diagnosed with ganglioneuroblastoma just after his eleventh birthday. The tumor was found by his pediatrician during a routine physical exam during his annual well-check. Corbin had no symptoms. Six months after removing the tumor, the cancer progressed into its most aggressive form, neuroblastoma. After fourteen months of grueling cancer treatment, we enjoyed eight months of almost "normal" life before he relapsed. Corbin fought his relapse for fourteen more months before leaving us as a perfect fourteen-year-old young man. Despite Corbin’s unrelenting treatment schedule that consumed so much of the past four years, he never let that consume him. He lived and loved life one day at a time, was wise beyond his years, and lit up the room with his sweet smile and bright blue eyes. He was our hero and a hero to so many around the world.

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The C-Squad is forever; we want to keep the spirit of C-Squad alive through friendship and support for families fighting childhood cancer.

Travel to MSKCC

In August 2019, after scans showed Corbin's cancer did not respond to five brutal cycles of induction chemotherapy at our home hospital, I knew it was time for a second opinion. Hours upon hours spent researching neuroblastoma treatment led us to the team of leading neuroblastoma experts at the world renown Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. After an evaluation by the team at MSKCC, a plan of attack was developed and Corbin and I (mom) were off to start our many journeys from Texas to New York City for his cancer treatment. The support we received was incredible. Not only from our family, friends, and community, but also from the charitable organizations that exist to make travel for life-saving treatment easier by providing flights, accommodations, and even fun things to do once in the city.
During our many weeks spent in NYC going back and forth to the hospital for Corbin's out-patient treatments, as well as trying to squeeze in some fun when Corbin felt well enough, the idea of broadening the available travel assistance for childhood cancer families traveling to MSKCC for neuroblastoma treatment to areas not currently served was seeded. One major mission of C-Squad Foundation is to fill these gaps to help remove financial barriers to receiving the best care in the world by providing families:


-Uber or Lyft gift cards
-DoorDash gift cards
-Amazon gift cards
-Lightweight travel wheelchairs

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